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If you do any sort of video marketing, then you need to take a serious look at Easy Video Suite.

If you purchased the Easy Video Player 2, then you already know the huge advantage to adding the “buy now” buttons and “opt-in forms” directly in the videos you submit into video directories.  But now, not only do you get these features and all the others that came along with Easy Video Player 2, but you get a WHOLE lot more in addition to the already jam packed features that comes with the older version of easy video player 2.

The Easy Video Suite is more than just a video player, but a massive tycoon overload of additional features that will make your mouth watered.

Edit, Publish, Market and Track your videos, all in one place.

  • Record your own computer screen.

Record your desktop computer screen
Your video will automatically be uploaded then converted into a web friendly format video.
Remember handbrake? You no longer need that little video tool called handbrake to convert your videos to Youtube standard requirements.

  • Easy Video Suite animated and build-in feature.

Easy Video Suite gives you access to one of its features to animate Intros with build-in editing tools. You can even edit your videos like a Video Pro Boss… everything is handled inside the EVS interface! Feel like a Pro, Look like a Pro and edit like a Pro. Easy Video Suite is an all-in-one video marketing and editing tool that is packed full with all the extras needing no extra software to buy.

  • Easy Video Suite comes with a Desktop App for Mac or PC.

Uploading and managing your videos will be a breeze for any level user;
Just open up the desktop app for Mac or PC and just make the necessary changes… It’s just that easy.

  • Easy Video Suite creates Chapters inside your videos.

With EVS you can create video chapters so your users can navigate your content easily.
Your viewers will be engage dramatically which will increase and boost more leads and more sales $$$$.

  • EVS iPhone and Android App

Easy Video Suite allows you to use your iPhone and Android App for recording your mobile phone videos straight into EVS! You can use your cell or mobile phone app for recording videos and then sent them directly to Easy Video Suite!
Imagine you are on vacation or out of town recording your videos using this feature! with this feature you will be able to create and upload it really fast to your EVS dashboard even to youtube!

Get Free tutorials, tips and tricks at members.addonbonus with highly targeted video courses and bonus packages to help you master  Easy Video Suite
like a Video Pro Boss!

  • HD Screen recording,
  • Whiteboard drawing/annotation,
  • HD webcam recording,
  • Simple one click editing,
  • One click conversion for TRUE web/mob
    ready videos (Drag and Drop)
  • and much more…

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  • Susan Jones

    EasyVideoSuite is very hot right now. I am hearing more about this video player that can do a lot of things. It’s said to be the swiss army knife of everything video editing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/emanuel.rolle Emanuel Rolle

      Hi Susan, You are right. It is an all in one video suite solution.

  • MrMusicpro

    Easy Video Suite will definitely be my ace in the pocket for my business plan in 2013. BTW Awesome Bonuses Emanuel! I signup to be notified. Sam

    • http://www.facebook.com/emanuel.rolle Emanuel Rolle

      Thanks Sam, Glad to have you on board!

  • Mark Johnson

    Easy Video Suite can definitely improve my business from a static website into a video multimedia interactive site that get my prospect engaged. Especially with the awesome bonuses you are offering, I know with that arsenal of video resources, knowledge and support with video memberships, I can excel my internet business to the next level of success.